Selecting the best software products for a business can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if there are unique procedures, needs, and reports that are implemented. Consulting companies can be hired to complete all the research and comparison work. Consultants learn about the unique needs of the business, discuss preferences and procedures with department managers, and make recommendations accordingly. That process takes a little time, but is quicker than dedicating a person within the business to search for software products. Pricing may be out of financial reach for small businesses, but many companies customize services to keep costs down.

Having software developed from scratch to meet unique needs is ideal for businesses with the time and resources to consider the process. It can take several months to have specific software developed. It is worth it for innovative businesses, or those that cannot adapt their procedures, reports, or customer management information to software available off the shelf. The initial cost is expensive, but can turn out to be cost-effective for the long-term. Licensing fees are eliminated, and the increase in productivity often makes the process well worth the time and money.

Another online option that makes comparison of business software easy is called Technology Evaluation Centers, or tec. The approach and system of tec evaluation takes much less time than traditional consulting services, and is a fraction of the cost of development expenses. Extensive online research, innovative web-based technology designed for software selection, and the work of analysts and selection experts helps businesses find the best software products to suit their needs, preferences, and budgets. Businesses have access to IT research, software evaluation reports for comparisons, and a variety of templates to control costs, save time, and communicate efficiently with vendors.

Over forty common software categories are represented by templates. Customer relationship management request for proposal templates, or crm rfp templates, for example, can save a business time and money by simplifying the task of finding software to manage customers and prepare proposals. The work put into compiling each template would take a business months to complete. Instead, they can search for the package of templates that suits the needs and purchase it at a low cost.